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Thank you for your interest in American Wildlife Removal! We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals in a knowledgeable and professional manner. We have been in business since 1988 in Monroe County, and are State Licensed in Michigan to perform the work we do. We operate a full-service Monroe County nuisance wildlife control company, and with our full house/grounds inspection, we can offer solutions to prevent animal problems in the future.

When we do a home inspection for animals, we will be able to tell you what the problem is. With a complete understanding of the animals we work with, we can quickly and easily identify which animals are causing the problem and exactly where the animals are gaining entry. With our expertise and vast awareness of wildlife, we work efficiently, solving your wildlife problem as quickly as possible.

We service Monroe County and the surrounding counties; and because of our knowledge, professionalism, and great reputation, we are highly recommended by many state, city, and local municipalities.

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Non Venomous snakes use constriction to subdue their prey. The reptiles do not attack humans, and non-venomous bites do little more than produce a painful puncture wound. If it's a colony of bats living in a building, they crawl to the edge, and fly out. This is what makes them so dangerous. With a large colony of bats, this really adds up. If a bat is weak, sick looking and found during the day there is a good likelihood it could be carrying rabies. You should also ensure that all the accesses to your home have been properly sealed and remove food from their environment. For those who have been bitten by this snake there are many instances where anti-venom is not sufficient enough to save the victim.

What Kinds of Diseases Can Bats Spread?

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In fact, it is the most destructive and powerful cytotoxin of any snake on earth. If you hear noise and rustle in your attic at night for sure you having deal with uninvited guests, such as raccoons. They are typically black in color with three bright yellow stripes running the length of their bodies. They carry germs and diseases that are considered toxic to humans and allow the growth of fungus spores that can lead to serious lung problems. I've seen adults cowering up on chairs, shaking. The majority of snakes found in the United States are not dangerous and are in fact quite beneficial, such as the common eastern garter snake, which preys upon small rodents like mice and rats. The radio does not have to be necessarily loud, you could start with a low volume and if you do not succeed in flushing them out, you should try increasing the volume and leave the radio on day and night. By adding a splash of ammonia to your trash cans, you will discourage the raccoons from scavenging for food that you have disposed in the trash cans.

Getting Rid of Skunks

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Whether snakes already populate your land or there’s a worry they might, a couple of steps can help prevent a long-term stay. Raccoons will use just about any space they can access for shelter inside or outside a home. Raccoons invade your yard or home in search of food. Stop worrying about your health and your home and call us today. The physical differences focus on features of the head. Snakes don't need much space to enter a home. Snakes also bask in the sunlight on warm days, since, as cold-blooded animals, they rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. Stop worrying about your health and your home and call us today.

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