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We see it all when it comes to animal control service. Rats and mice can cause a variety of problems for Connecticut homeowners. One such problem is that they often raid people’s food supplies and contaminate what they do not eat. They also chew and gnaw on things such as molding and electrical wires to wear down their continuously growing teeth. Chewing on electrical wires can especially be a problem as it creates a fire hazard. Another major problem with rat and mice infestations is the increased risk of disease. Mice and rats can carry over 30 different diseases that can be transmitted with bites or through their droppings. Contact us today for professional Connecticut pest control service.


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There are four different kinds of toxins that a snake can inject into its victim, including neurotoxins, cardiotoxins, hemotoxins, and cytotoxins. Medical council recommends that the person bit by an animal be given appropriate treatment by a professional practitioner within 12 hours from the time of the bite. If it's just a few bats, it may not be a big deal. However, this is part of what separates the cottonmouth from other snakes that emit this toxin. There are various ways to identify a pit viper from non venomous snakes. Snakes may bite if cornered or grabbed, though only the bites of venomous snakes are dangerous. Raccoons will use just about any space they can access for shelter inside or outside a home.

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However, bats in the north hibernate in colder weather. They may make several trips per night. They seek out these areas for warm shelter and safe breeding. Mother raccoons will make their nests and birth their young, caring for them all winter long until spring brings more suitable weather. Their mere presence is a threat to your health since they are known carriers of infectious diseases like Leptospirosis, as well as the Rabies virus. Young are born in June, and can fly by August. Some are great climbers, some are aquatic. Most species of venomous snakes are pit vipers, which can navigate their environment and hunt using infrared-sensing receptors that allow them to detect the heat of their prey.

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Though many people fear them, snakes are a very important part of our ecosystem. The females form huge clusters, very frequently in man-made architecture such as church towers, attics, bridges, etc. Make your yard less inviting and your raccoon control plan more successful by eliminating any potential food sources that might attract them. The incubation period is highly variable in animals and people. You should also ensure that all the accesses to your home have been properly sealed and remove food from their environment. Medical council recommends that the person bit by an animal be given appropriate treatment by a professional practitioner within 12 hours from the time of the bite. Some types are venomous, such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, and coral snakes.