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Thank you for your interest in American Wildlife Removal! We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals in a knowledgeable and professional manner. We have been in business since 1988 in Waupaca, and are State Licensed in Wisconsin to perform the work we do. We operate a full-service Waupaca nuisance wildlife control company, and with our full house/grounds inspection, we can offer solutions to prevent animal problems in the future.

When we do a home inspection for animals, we will be able to tell you what the problem is. With a complete understanding of the animals we work with, we can quickly and easily identify which animals are causing the problem and exactly where the animals are gaining entry. With our expertise and vast awareness of wildlife, we work efficiently, solving your wildlife problem as quickly as possible.

We service Waupaca and the surrounding counties; and because of our knowledge, professionalism, and great reputation, we are highly recommended by many state, city, and local municipalities.

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Second, seal any openings leading into structures (homes, outbuildings, garages, etc.). These bats are small, with a wingspan of 8 inches, and a weight of less than half an ounce. Most are very patient when it comes to catching prey - they sit still and silent for a very long time, then when a prey item is in reach, they strike! Though many people fear them, snakes are a very important part of our ecosystem. Though many people fear them, snakes are a very important part of our ecosystem. The primary concern seems to be fear of snakes (Ophidiophobia) which many people have. Our bat removal specialists at Attic Solutions can help you take your home back from pests. Make your yard less inviting and your raccoon control plan more successful by eliminating any potential food sources that might attract them.

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Snakes do not cause damage to property. First they head for water and get a drink, skimming the surface on the wing. Do snakes harm people or property? They then fly back out to feed some more. They might die, decompose and cause heavy odour. They might die, decompose and cause heavy odour. Nothing can get to you from behind because the bridge is destroyed. They hibernate in the winter.

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Bats use echolocation in order to aid in navigation and feeding on the wing. In addition to bat removal, we can handle repairs to your property and take preventative measures so you don’t have to worry about those pesky bats returning. Whether snakes already populate your land or there’s a worry they might, a couple of steps can help prevent a long-term stay. This includes trees, sheds, garages, attics, crawl spaces, porches, patios, decks, walls, roofs, and more. But these are not too effective as the mother raccoon might choose to bear the odor in order to raise her pups in a safe place. Read About Colonizing Bats species info. Many snake usually prefer to hide under heavy cover in cool areas. The snake applies pressure until the prey usually suffocates.

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