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Thank you for your interest in American Wildlife Removal! We specialize in the humane capture and removal of nuisance animals in a knowledgeable and professional manner. We have been in business since 1988 in Mount Pleasant, and are State Licensed in Michigan to perform the work we do. We operate a full-service Mount Pleasant nuisance wildlife control company, and with our full house/grounds inspection, we can offer solutions to prevent animal problems in the future.

When we do a home inspection for animals, we will be able to tell you what the problem is. With a complete understanding of the animals we work with, we can quickly and easily identify which animals are causing the problem and exactly where the animals are gaining entry. With our expertise and vast awareness of wildlife, we work efficiently, solving your wildlife problem as quickly as possible.

We service Mount Pleasant and the surrounding counties; and because of our knowledge, professionalism, and great reputation, we are highly recommended by many state, city, and local municipalities.

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There are many species of snakes in the United States that can be extremely dangerous should you be bitten by one. As it moves through these other areas it causes incredible damage. The majority of snakes found in the United States are not dangerous and are in fact quite beneficial, such as the common eastern garter snake, which preys upon small rodents like mice and rats. Our bat removal specialists at Attic Solutions can help you take your home back from pests. Non Venomous snakes use constriction to subdue their prey. Bats, being a protected species, must be handled by trained professionals like our team. The only solution is to remove the affected area by amputation, meaning that whole sections of skin and tissue have to be removed for the organism to be able to survive. If the raccoons lack food they will relocate to a place where they can find food and water.

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Animals such as raccoons and squirrels often find their way in homes to get away from the elements and as a result cause damage and disturbances. They can live up to 30 years apparently, though average lifespan in the wild may be about 7 years. That is the Cottonmouth. Roosting preference depends on the species and even gender of the bats, but we are only concerned with colonizing bats such as the three mentioned above. When a cottonmouth injects its venom into the victim the venom begins to eat away at the area where the bite occurred. The problem with sharing your personal space with raccoons is the structural damages they cause and the infectious diseases their presence can spread to both humans and pets. Generally, the most harm snakes ever do is frighten people. Sometimes they'll sunbathe to raise temperature.

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Eastern garter snakes are non-venomous and therefore have narrow heads and lack the extra sensory receptors of pit vipers. However, this is part of what separates the cottonmouth from other snakes that emit this toxin. Raccoons will use just about any space they can access for shelter inside or outside a home. Though many people fear them, snakes are a very important part of our ecosystem. The presence of bats in your attic is a big enough inconvenience, but when you have a bat problem, it’s not just their presence that you need to worry about. They sleep in roosts during the daytime, and emerge at dusk. Some snakes may grow several feet in length, while others can be quite small, never reaching more than a few inches. The pit vipers have a triangular shaped head, a prominent pit between eye and nostril and elliptical pupils.

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