Bats usually enter households not intending to hurt people or for causing tantrums. They enter closed structures to look out for warmth and protection for the sharp temperature drops and chilling winds. Unfortunately, even though they do not have an intention to create havoc, a lot of mess where ever they go. Moreover, they litter everywhere spreading diseases and making the place highly unhygienic. Fruit bats create a lot of troubles on their own by eating fruits grown in the gardens before the owners get a hold of them. The creepy, annoying sounds and the odour they excrete adds up to the problem. Removal of the bats without getting them irritated is a significant task, but if they get furious, a fully trained team is required for the removal and relocation of the tiny mammals.


Mothballs or naphthalene balls are among the best home remedies to get rid of bats. The way the mothballs work is by forces the bats to leave the building for good and prevents them from re-entering the household. These naphthalene balls are readily available in pest control shops and even in other stores. The procedure to use the mothballs efficiently is by wrapping them in fine hardware cloth and hanging it up in the house. Make sure that the places where the mothballs are hung have enough ventilation. If not, then the mothballs will fail to perform it’s task efficiently.


A right amount of netting material along with a sufficient proportion of sealants can ensure you a bat free home. To make this simple home remedy work, you need to use a little Sherlock time. Keep a watch of when and how the bat is entering and exiting your house. The moment you realize that the bat has left its current abort in search of food, hurry up and seal the region with sealants and netting material.


Phenol is, without doubt, one of the best methods to get rid of your bat problem. The bats are incapable of standing the odour that the chemical has thereby made it unbearable and impossible for the bats to reside. White phenol is the most recommended in this case. Spray the chemical all over by using a sprayer for best results.


The most common points of entry for bats and other such small animals are through the holes found in walls and windows. Even a tiny gap of one or two inches is enough for a bat to infiltrate your abode. The moment you find a hole in the wall, make it your primary concern to repair and seal it immediately. Use rock insulation to seal the wall temporarily in case you are running short on time.